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ProgramCatalog Class Reference

#include <programcatalog.h>

Inheritance diagram for ProgramCatalog:

CachedCatalog KatapultCatalog

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Detailed Description

Joe Ferris

Definition at line 35 of file programcatalog.h.

Public Slots

void minQueryLenChanged (int)
void toggleIgnoreIconless (bool)
void toggleIgnoreTerminal (bool)
void toggleUseExecName (bool)

Public Member Functions

Match bestMatch () const
virtual QWidget * configure ()
const KatapultItemfindExact (QString text) const
virtual void initialize ()
virtual unsigned int minQueryLen () const
 ProgramCatalog (QObject *, const char *, const QStringList &)
virtual void readSettings (KConfigBase *)
void setQuery (QString)
int status () const
virtual void writeSettings (KConfigBase *)

Protected Member Functions

void addItem (KatapultItem *)
QString query () const
virtual void queryChanged ()
void setBestMatch (Match)
void setStatus (int)

Private Member Functions

void cacheProgramList (QString)

Private Attributes

bool _ignoreIconless
bool _ignoreTerminal
int _minQueryLen
bool _useExecName

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