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KatapultSettings Class Reference

#include <katapultsettings.h>

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Detailed Description

Joe Ferris

Definition at line 35 of file katapultsettings.h.

Public Types

enum  NRAction { NR_DoNothing = 0, NR_ClearQuery = 1, NR_HideDisplay = 2 }

Public Slots

void configure ()
void readSettings ()
void writeSettings ()


void catalogsChanged ()
void displayChanged ()
void systrayChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void activateCatalog (QString catalogName)
QStringList activeCatalogNames () const
QDict< KatapultCatalogactiveCatalogs () const
KatapultCatalogcatalog (QString catalogName) const
QStringList catalogNames () const
void deactivateCatalog (QString catalogName)
KatapultDisplaydisplay () const
QString displayName () const
QStringList displayNames () const
int hideDelay () const
bool hideNotification () const
QStringList inactiveCatalogNames () const
bool isAutoExecute () const
bool isConfiguring () const
NRAction noResultsAction () const
int noResultsDelay () const
int notificationTimeout () const
void setAutoExecute (bool)
void setDisplayName (QString name)
void setHideDelay (int)
void setNoResultsAction (NRAction)
void setNoResultsDelay (int)
void setSystrayIcon (bool)
bool systrayIcon () const

Private Member Functions

void loadCatalogPlugins ()
void loadDisplayPlugins ()

Private Attributes

QStringList _activeCatalogNames
QDict< KatapultCatalog_activeCatalogs
bool _autoExec
QStringList _catalogNames
QString _displayName
QStringList _displayNames
bool _forceWrite
int _hideDelay
int _hideSessionNotification
int _hideUserNotification
bool _isConfiguring
NRAction _noResultsAction
int _noResultsDelay
int _notificationTimeout
bool _systrayIcon

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