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KatapultDisplay Class Reference

#include <katapultdisplay.h>

Inheritance diagram for KatapultDisplay:

GlassDisplay PureDisplay

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Detailed Description

Joe Ferris

Definition at line 36 of file katapultdisplay.h.


void focusOut ()
void keyReleased (QKeyEvent *)

Public Member Functions

virtual QWidget * configure ()
 KatapultDisplay (const char *, WFlags)
virtual void readSettings (KConfigBase *)
void setAction (const KatapultAction *)
void setItem (const KatapultItem *)
void setQuery (QString)
void setSelected (unsigned int)
void setStatus (int)
virtual void writeSettings (KConfigBase *)

Protected Member Functions

const KatapultActionaction () const
virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *)
const KatapultItemitem () const
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *)
QString query () const
unsigned int selected () const
int status () const

Private Attributes

const KatapultAction_action
const KatapultItem_item
QString _query
unsigned int _selectionLength
int _status
Katapult * app

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