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CalculatorCatalog Class Reference

#include <calculatorcatalog.h>

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Detailed Description

Tobi Vollebregt

Definition at line 43 of file calculatorcatalog.h.

Public Member Functions

Match bestMatch () const
 CalculatorCatalog (QObject *, const char *, const QStringList &)
bool clipboard () const
virtual QWidget * configure ()
bool degrees () const
QString formatString () const
int fracDigits () const
const Function * functionTable () const
double getVar (int) const
int getVarID (const char *)
virtual void initialize ()
virtual void readSettings (KConfigBase *)
bool scientific () const
void setQuery (QString)
double setVar (int, double)
int status () const
virtual void writeSettings (KConfigBase *)

Protected Member Functions

QString query () const
virtual void queryChanged ()
void setBestMatch (Match)
void setStatus (int)

Private Types

typedef QValueVector< double > VarIdToValueVector
typedef QMap< QString, int > VarNameToIdMap

Private Slots

void clipboardChanged (bool)
void degreesChanged (bool)
void formatStringChanged (const QString &)
void fracDigitsChanged (int)
void scientificChanged (bool)

Private Member Functions

bool accepts (const QString &) const
void reset ()

Private Attributes

bool _bClipboard
bool _bDegrees
bool _bScientific
QString _formatString
int _fracDigits
QString _pendingVarName
Expression _result
VarIdToValueVector varIdToValue
VarNameToIdMap varNameToId

Static Private Attributes

static const Function degreesFunctionTable []
static const Function radiansFunctionTable []


struct  Function
struct  ParserControl

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